A New Look!

Hi everyone, welcome to the newly-updated GoodChatting.com. The site has received a pretty major overhaul in terms of the look and feel. The main reason for this is that I needed to move the website to a new webhost and was depressed at the prospect of moving the ridiculously terrible website. So I made a new one and, as such, some pages may be missing.

If that’s the case, please contact me to let me know what’s missing. I have a copy of everything from the last host, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

I’ve also added a bunch of redirects. If you were using the NaNoWriMo webchat interface, the URL has changed slightly, but you’ll be redirected to the right page. The same for any regional rooms. Again, please let me know if there are any issues!

The IRC server should have been unaffected by the change to the host. I set up an A record for irc.goodchatting.com before the move.

Welcome again to GoodChatting.com — good chatting to you!

(PS: I’m aware this theme looks nothing like the rest of the site. Something to do In The Future.)