good chatting to you!

Welcome to, home of the IRC network!

GoodChatting is a single-server IRC network, running UnrealIRCd and Epona services. This server is owned by Julie Martin ("juliebug") and was created as a private alternative to the Undernet IRC network when it underwent severe denial of service attacks in early 2001. GoodChatting has been running since February of 2001 and has been open to the public since September 25th, 2001.

The goal here is to provide a place for you to have a good chatting experience. We here at GoodChatting want you to feel at home on our small server, which already hosts a ton of chatters mostly related to National Novel Writing Month and other writing adventures.

We are not looking to join any networks, nor are we looking to add servers to the GoodChatting network at this time.

Any and all server updates can be found on the Server News page as well as on Twitter, just follow @goodchatting! (The feed is also just over to your right!)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel absolutely free to contact us!