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privacy policy does not collect any personal information from you, the users of this site, while reading the contents of this site. Use of the chatroom(s) and IRC server does not require using your real name or email address. Optional nickname registration in the chatroom(s) and on the IRC server will require your real email address, but this information will never be shared, given away or sold to anyone or any entity for any reason.

It should be noted that some information, such as IP addresses and type of browser, is collected by the web server. Your IP address is seen, but not recorded, by the IRC server, and will be cleared once you disconnect. None of the information collected can personally identify you. is not responsible for the information on linked sites, but if you find something offensive by following a link from, please contact us and we'll look into it. reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Changes will be noted both on this page and on the news page.

terms of service

Terms of Service for Chatrooms and IRC Server

- No warez/sex/porn/mp3/illegal channels. (This includes filesharing! No filesharing channels permitted!)
- No cloning.
- No flooding.
- No sharing of pornographic material.
- No taking over channels.
- No denial of service.
- No unauthorized bots.
- *(mail Julie or Fish for permission, they will probably say yes.)*
- No impersonating an IRC Op.
- Please always be in a channel. If you are connected to the server and not in a channel, you may be subject to a temporary ban. If this happens more than once, you may be subject to longer (or permanent) bans.
- No begging (or even asking) for an O: line.

** We are not looking to link with any other servers at this time. Please do not ask to link with us or if we will link with you. Thank you. **

The penalty for any of these infractions may be anything from a reminder that it's not permitted to a permanent server ban. Please keep these rules in mind while chatting.

By accessing the website or IRC server, you agree not to hold the owner or operators of this server legally liable for any actions of the chatters you may interact with on this server. Further, you accept that the owner and/or operators of this server have the right to restrict anyone from accessing this server for any reason. Additionally, you agree that the owner and operators of this server are not responsible for the content you may encounter on the server.

By connecting to this network, you agree to allow our software to scan your system, for security purposes, for the presence of any insecure proxies and unwanted or infected clients and scripts. This is not an attack on your system, merely a security precaution for the other users of this network.

Miscellaneous Stuff:
In the event that the server goes down, or is unreachable, you may go to the following webpage for an explanation:

Or, you may follow us on Twitter:

If you are banned from the network, you may write to us about your situation:

bans [at] goodchatting [dot] com