good chatting to you!

about goodchatting is a website produced entirely by me, Julie Martin. I was the Chatting Online Guide at for four years, from September of 1997 until September of 2001. The ultimate purpose of the website was originally that it would, eventually, host most of my chat-related content that I produced while a Guide with

That hasn't really happened, yet. There's so much I want to do with this space and yet, I've let the site fall into a rather dreadful state of disrepair. That's what happens when school and work and life get in the way, I suppose. Still, hope springs eternal! I've left an article option on the menu and a glossary option and am hopeful that I'll be able to find some time to bring back some of these things from my old chatting site.

That said, the website is really secondary to the IRC server. I discovered through my years of building communities that what I enjoy most about the Internet is bringing people together. I love it. I'm happiest when I've helped people connect with others. While I ran the two most popular chatrooms on the network of 800 sites, a number of my chatters wound up very close friends in "real life", and at least three couples who met in my chatrooms actually got married.

I'd like to continue that work here, so go ahead -- hop into chat with your favourite IRC client at on ports 6661-6669.

The server runs UnrealIRCD, running Anope services and we're proudly hosted by JEAH. I'm the owner and network administrator and Fish is the co-admin, who generally hangs out in the #GoodChatting channel.